GMG-AC1000 – 3G Air-Con Service Station

Model: GMG- AC1000 – 3G
Product: Air-con Service station
General information: The AC1000 is a fully
automatic AC refill service station, with all
operations controlled by a single button or
separately. Fitted with an ergonomically designed
keypad and display screen. It’s equipped with an
onboard printer and heating belt. The AC 1000 is
easily serviced by our service centres.
*Colours and designs may differ


Technical Information
Refrigerant                        R134a
Operating Temperature     5 – 50°C
Max pressure                    18 bar
Power Supply                    220v,50Hz
Weight                               95kg
Packing Size                    50*70*107mm
HP/LP Gauge                  80mm/class 1.0
Tank Gauge                    40mm
LCD back lit                    12 x 64 dot
HP/LP hoses                   250cm/SAEJS2196
Compressor                    3/8hp, 14cc
Fan/condenser                Yes
Filter drier                        80kg
Vacuum pump                120L/min, 4.2 cfm
PAG bottle                      250ml
Electronic scale             1g/30kg
Printer Included