GMG – i9 – Alligner

Description: Wheel aligner is the world’s first adopting V3D +3Dmax technology platform of aligning system so far, of which the measurement adopts three-dimensional shoot technology and data displays in three-dimensional image mode. Make the measurement results more accurate, the effect more realistic and operation more simple and easy to learn. *Colours and designs may differ […]

Micro Computerized rim repair

Maximum rim diameter 10” – 30” Maximum rim width 12” Hydraulic engine power 0,757 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase Axle engine power 100 Hp, 100 rpm, 0,75 kw Working pressure 0-175 bar ( Standard 150 Bar) Sound level 70 dBA The Micro 10” – 30” rim straightening machine electronically checks for damages and […]