LC588 – Truck Tyre Changer

Rim diameter: 14” – 26” Wheel Width: 1000mm Max wheel Diameter: 1500mm Hydraulic pump motor: 1.5kW 380V Gearbox Motor: 1.8kW 380V Working Pressure: 130 – 150 bar Noise: <75dB Main motor and relevant components correspond to CE standards. The lifting oil tank is supported in the center. The portable console is very convenient to operate […]

LC885N Fully Auto Tyre Changer

The LC885 fully-automatic tyre changer is suitable for handling 10”-23” wheels. It can mount and demount tyres from passenger to LDV vehicles. It is especially suitable for wide tyres and can be equipped with an optional helper arm. Designed and Engineered in Europe

XTC428 – Manual Tyre Changer

Rim clamp outside: 6” – 19” Rim clamp inside: 10” – 22” Max wheel diameter: 1000mm Max wheel width: 300mm The XTC428 manual tyre changer does not need any pneumatic or electricity supply to operate. This is perfect for the mobile, farm or rural fitment centre’s. It looks like a semi automatic tyre changer and […]

887 Automatic Tyre Changer

Automatic tyre changer with rear tilting arm Pneumatic column lock Mag protectors for foot and claws Water trap and oiler Stainless steel bead breaking cylinder Turn tables equipped with a protective cover 80mm Turn tables cylinder increases clamp force The design of the bead breaking blade rotates enabling best bead breaking force

AAT400 Tyre Caddy

Due to its jaws and easy manoeuvrability, it allows a pile of tyres to be loaded without having to touch them by hand

Bright 890PSemi Auto Tyre Changer with Help Arm

22 inch arc turntable adjustable can handle tire with the rim diameter of 10-26inch. 1-turntable protect plate. Scale on the guard plate for the convenience to fix the tire. 2-Clamping jaw protect cover. Inward clamping protect the alloy rim to prevent the rim damage

DB 88 Overturn Vulcanizing Machine

It can vulcanize any part of model 750-16 to model 1000-20 tires in single surface or double surfaces. It can maintain constant temperature automatically to ensure the temperature required during tire vulcanization. It can raise, lower or overturn the operating bracket to vulcanize according to the repair position of the tires of different models