GMG-AC1000 – 3G Air-Con Service Station

Model: GMG- AC1000 – 3G Product: Air-con Service station General information: The AC1000 is a fully automatic AC refill service station, with all operations controlled by a single button or separately. Fitted with an ergonomically designed keypad and display screen. It’s equipped with an onboard printer and heating belt. The AC 1000 is easily serviced […]

Air Dryer

Specification: Type: AA-10A, Motor: 1 kW, Voltage: 2200v/50Hz/1PH, Capacity: (m3/min) 1.5, Working Pressure: 8 bar, Weight: 40 Kg, Dimensions: 700 x 420 x 760mm

AC Leak Detection Kit

Add leak detection dye to the system that you want to inspect. Scan the system with the special fluorescent glasses and UV light. This Dye can be injected directly into the AC system. Kit consist of enough Dye to inspect 14 vehicles.